Done did it.

From: David Vohs <>
Date: Thu Dec 9 17:51:14 1999

>Someone responded privately that they found no hits on Deja News.
>Here's what I do in a typical search...
>I entered "Commodore Hyperion" (no quotes) in the "quick search"
>area at the upper right of their start page. It returned no results.
>That's OK. Down below, there's a copy of your query. Change
>"Search [recent] messages" to [past], then click "Search"
>next to it. (Selecting [all] would work, too.)
>Presto, a bunch of hits. Some are from Dr. Peter Kittel. He
>worked at Commodore Germany, it looks like he knows a bit about it.
>He'd probably respond to an e-mail if you sent him one.
>- John

I done did that already. I was was right too! The C= Hyperion was a
Dynalogic/ComTerm/Bytec Hyperion with a Commodore name on it!

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