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From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Dec 10 00:59:05 1999

>And if you want to compare prices, maybe you want to look in the back
>of a late-70's BYTE, see that a Shugart 801 sold for $350+ back then
>to hobbyists, adjust for inflation since then, and arrive at an adjusted
>price today of over $1000 for a new Shugart 801. California Digital's
>prices are a bargain by this method. I certainly can't justify keeping
>parts in my inventory for over twenty years!

This defines a whole class of "surplus" dealers, and its fine with me, but
I don't ever buy there unless I just have to have some left hand widget
nobody else could provide. Legacy suppliers are what I call them. They buy
up complete old parts inventories and milk them for the last dime.
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