HP UX info required

From: Wouter de Waal <wrm_at_ccii.co.za>
Date: Fri Dec 10 05:43:38 1999

Hi all

I need help with an HP/UX box. I don't know much about the
thing except that it has two hard drives connected to the
first (0) HPIB cable and a tape drive connected to the
third cable (ID 3). Problem is that the existing software looks
for the tape drive at /dev/rct/c7d0s2, and can't find it.

The device entry c7d0s2 has a major number 7 and a minor
number 0x400702.

Am I correct in thinking that the minor number related to
the HPIB address in some way, because I expect the tape
drive to be

Please bear with me, this is the first time in my life I've
seen an HP/UX box, so I'm pretty clueless.

What do I need to find out about the box to make the tape
drive work?



PS: Anybody have Apollo 3500 hardware info for me? And where
can I get a copy of Domain/OS, my one tape seems buggered?
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