Two PDP-8A questions

From: John B <>
Date: Sat Dec 11 15:23:40 1999

I hope someone can answer these questions...

Where does the 16 pin front panel connector plug into the main options board
and which way? (There are two sockets on the Options board)

Where does the main serial line plug into (which port on which board)?


PDP-8 and other rare mini computers

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From: Jim Strickland <>
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Date: Saturday, December 11, 1999 4:32 PM
Subject: Re: Apple ][ + but no Floppies

>> Appletalk for the IIgs? I didn't know. Was there ever Appletalk for
>> machines (it would have to be under ProDOS, of course)?
>Yup. AppleIIGS had appletalk built in. I've used it to print. It's slow
>but it works. There were also appletalk cards for the 2e's.
>Jim Strickland
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