Two PDP-8A questions

From: John B <>
Date: Sat Dec 11 16:05:48 1999

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Subject: Re: Two PDP-8A questions

>--- John B <> wrote:
>> I hope someone can answer these questions...
>> Where does the 16 pin front panel connector plug into the main options
>> and which way? (There are two sockets on the Options board)
>It doesn't. It plugs into a 16-pin header/ribbon cable that comes from the
>backplane. The two empty sockets are for user boot roms.

Thank you. I don't get books on all these systems until next weekend.

>> Where does the main serial line plug into (which port on which board)?
>The DKC8AA (I don't have the handle number here) - it has two Berg
>facing front (for the full front panel) and three facing backwards - the
>one closest to the edge fingers is the serial connector. The other two,
>for the sake of completeness, are 12-bits in and out. The output port can
>be used to drive an LA-180, but the data is inverted from normal and the
>are not the same. With a recompiled driver, however, you could drive a
>parallel printer with it.

Okay thanks.. I will work on the RK05s now.. they both have a bad -15V
supply...but bioth work fine when tipped on their left hand side.

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