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From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Dec 11 19:50:12 1999


  The covers are clear and the mats are full. I have two carrds, both are
the same way. These are out of a 11/05.


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>--- Joe <> wrote:
>> OK all you DECheads, here's a question for you. I have a DEC core memory
>> board that says H213 on the handle. A stick on label on the back says "4K
>> x16" but etched into the board it says "16k x 19 bits". Why the
>> difference? (I know about parity so forget the extra three bits.)
>Can you see the core mats or is there an opaque cover? I have some stuff
>that may be the same thing you have (from an 11/05). Mine is marked
>similarly, but three of the mats are blank.
>I suspect that the same PCB could be used in several machines, including
>an 18-bit machine w/parity, depending on how many mats were wired.
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