From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Sat Dec 11 18:51:25 1999

Van Burnham wrote:
> Does anyone have access to a working PDP-10 and a copy of ADVENT? I need to
> get an image of the program running on the system.

What exactly do you mean by "an image of the program running on the system"?
Do you really mean a photograph? And if so, what do you really expect to
see in the photograph? The PDP-10? That wouldn't look any different
running ADVENT than running any other program. Or do you want a photograph
of the terminal on which a user is playing ADVENT? That would look just
like ADVENT running on any other kind of computer.

Anyhow, if what you want is a photograph of a user sitting at an LA36
DECwriter II playing ADVENT, just like I did in the old days, I can
certainly get you a photo of that. What's at the other end of the
serial line won't actually be a PDP-10, though. Even though I'm part
owner of a KL10 and full owner of a KS10, neither one is currently
operational, and I don't know of any that are.

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