Weekend finds - uVAX II w/ SCSI!

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Sun Dec 12 01:15:13 1999

This weekend I saved most of a uVAX II from the scrapper. It is a
configuration I didn't recognize with two BA23's. One "normal BA23 and then
a Q22 jumper into a second BA23. The rack "sleeves" were connected across
the back with a hinged door that held all the cabinet hardware. Pretty neat.

Anyway, in what was a total shock, the thing has a "Transitional Technology
Inc, QTD-1" Q-bus SCSI controller! If this thing works I'll be in heaven
since I've yet to get a working SCSI disk controller for my Vaxen.

This looks kind of like a Viking controller, except it has several key (and
hopefully really good) differences:
        1) It has a 10 pin header that looks like the DEC standard DLV-11 type serial
           port (rather than the viking "in the scsi cable" port.)
        2) It has an NCR53C90 SCSI interface, and 18 nat'l semi 75176BN chips wired up
           to the 50 pin connector. (I'm hoping these are differential drivers for
           SCSI II drives)
        3) Then it has a Motorola M68901 a covered 40 pin chip (probably the
           and one RCA 6264 ram chip and a 27C256 EPROM with the "1.7a" firmware
in it.

Has anyone used one of these? Do you have docs on it? Would you be willing
to FAX me the setup information? (I've got a 9GB SCSI drive just waiting
for this type of information :-)

Other interesting bits was the KA630 + 2 8MB memory boards (M7609), a
DHV-11, an M8020 SLU, and an SDI controller (two board set.) The BA23's
suffered some damage when they were ripped from the rack (which I didn't
save) but there seems to be a salvagable TK50 in one of them and a Q/Q
backplane. (The second BA23 was all Q/Q slots!

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