Hewlett Packard A2094 Monitor (Standard RGB ?)

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Sun Dec 12 02:48:52 1999

>4. According to specs this monitor will support 3D graphics directly with
>the right video card.
>5. According to Specs it supports an impressive 1158 X 870 resolution.
>6. Seems like I get a good working 19 monitor for only $160.00
>Negative Points:
>1. Its 6 years old.
>2. Don;t know how many hours are on it.
>3. History is unknown..
>4. The Sucker is Big and weighs a ton..
>So Should I do this or Not ?

Absolutely, if it doesn't work out sell it cheap to one of us. Item 4
though is nuts, the monitor has NOTHING to do with 3D. The only 3D monitors
I know are by NEC. ;)

Negative 4 is very true, and these old monitors suck juice (AC juice) and
make heat.

Look for some reviews of the SaturnGL before you jump in
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