Weekend Classic Trip Report

From: Anthony Clifton - KC0CUE <wirehead_at_retrocomputing.com>
Date: Sun Dec 12 13:36:33 1999

Just wanted to let folks know the results of my Saturday trip. I left Des
Moines and
drove to Kansas City, where I met Mike McFadden. Mike's an extremely pleasant,
helpful fellow who showed me where to find good surplus in KCMO. I'll
be visiting KC more often!

I went there to pick up the VT220s he advertised on ClassicCmp.

I walked away from one surplus place, having spent only $10, and got

(1) M7606 MicroVaxII CPU board (spare for my MVAX II)
(1) Cisco IGS Multiprotocol Router/Bridge
and a couple miscellaneous bits and pieces. Not bad for $10.

Then I drove to Lincoln, NE and visited Bill Richman, who recently posted some
items for auction. Another really nice guy. Picked up the Tek 532 and the
cart it sits in. I also picked up some other spiffy items, which I'll
describe later.

So, the entire trip (including gas) cost me $90 (less than the cost to ship
the items),
got me out on the road for a few hours of relaxing driving and allowed me
to bring home
some unusual items that are scarce or non-existent in Des Moines.

Anthony Clifton
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