Need a PDP-11/34 operators panel?

From: James Willing <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 16:53:40 1999

...or two?

Trying (yet again, or is that still?) to make some room on the 'Garage'
for winter projects, and came across a couple of potentially interesting
things which could use a home...

Two PDP-11/34 operator panels. These are NOT the panels with the numeric
displays and keypad. These panels have three LED status indicators, two
switches (boot/init & run/halt), and a power selection dial.

I don't recall where/when I picked them up, and my '34 has it's panel,

If you have a machine that needs a panel, you can have one for the cost of
shipping. (unless you feel real guilty and want to throw in something for

If you just want to hang it on the wall, it'll cost you $25.00/ea or an
interesting (and useful) trade.

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