Z-Star 433 VL info/parts

From: SeaMasterZ_at_aol.com <(SeaMasterZ_at_aol.com)>
Date: Sun Dec 12 17:05:40 1999

Hello, I have a Zenith Data Systems Z - Star 433 VL, which needs the
AC-375-A power supply. It's a 22 VDC, 1.27 amp unit, and has a very unusual
power plug ... 4 holes in the center and 4 slots around the perimeter ... the
computer is a
M/N: ZPD-4834-KF, serial # 4MSBLK000406
Does anyone know about this computer? Is it capable of running win 95? If
anyone has a power supply or battery for sale I would like to buy it/them,
should either of the laptops work I would use them for word processing away
from the main unit.
Ray Cook
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