Northstar CPU Card in Regular S100 Bus?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 19:57:00 1999

<I have a weird question. Could a Northstar MPU-A be used in a normal S100
<chassis with other cards to provide console, disk, i/o, memory functions?

Very common question bad when. It will work. I've used them in:

 Vector MX
 TEI box

<If yes, what issues can arise from doing this?

Watch for pins 53, 61, 20, 70, and also if exteneded address lines (above
A15) are used the MPU-A is only 16 bit.

<The reason I ask is that I have a nice clean empty TEI chassis, a Northstar
<cards, some memory boards, an SMB multifunction i/o card and a Disk Jockey
<2D. I'm sure the thing would end up being fairly weird, but I don't care
<about that.

Not weird at all. Your building what could be considered a typical S100
crate for the time. Many of them were not pure by any means.

Go for it.

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