Hewlett Packard A2094 Monitor (Standard RGB ?)

From: Phil Clayton <musicman38_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Sun Dec 12 20:15:10 1999

>One fellow who bought a half dozen of these workstations put them in his
>pickup, opened the boxes up, took out the memory (apparently and odd
>flavor), then drove over to the dumpster and tossed the
>in the dumpster and left.

I ended up with 5 of these HP Apollo 400's.. In each of them I found a 230
MB SCSI Hard Drive, a 68040 Processor, and an 8 or 16 MB 72pin Simm in each.
After I remove the 3 components I will discard the remaining cases..

But first I am going to hook up the 19 inch HP monitor to one of Apollo's
just to see what happens, enjoy the event and them toss that nice Very
Expensive (Original Cost) monitor out with the rest of the stuff..

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