Assembly docs for Zenith/Heathkit Z-150 PC compatible ??

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Date: Mon Dec 13 08:40:50 1999

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> Subject: Assembly docs for Zenith/Heathkit Z-150 PC compatible ??

> I have my original Zenith (ZDS) Z-150 computer, which was their
> answer to the IBM 8088/86 PC. This was also offered as a kit
> from Heathkit (as the H-150?) in the mid-1980s.
> My Z-150 currently won't start up, with lights stopping in the BIOS PROM
> startup sequence. Does anyone have the equivalent Heathkit assembly
> manual(s) and drawings for this system? Or are there similar systems
> around that board swapping might be possible?

Okay, Do you know that your processor card has one row of LEDs that
goes out one by one while POST tests and passes certain parts, when
successful before booting off OSes last LED is the power LED stay
lit. If POST find problems it will stop and the last LED will be
the stay lit to point to the problem areas.

The machine also have diagnostic bios built in. To get in do
alt+ctrl+ins and at the prompt type in ? or help I think.

This zenith used cheap sockets they fail very often.

When troubleshooting, always strip machine to minimum configuration


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