8" drives and Compaticard / Uniform

From: Bob Stek <bobstek_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Mon Dec 13 18:36:25 1999

Dick (or anyone else) -

Would you have the jumper settings (default positions, definitions, etc.)
for a Shugart 860? DS0-3 I can figure out. But the rest...

I have just added 2 8"ers to my AT via a Compaticard. I have them working
as MS-DOS drives D: and E: just fine, but when I use Uniform it always
accesses the 360K B: drive instead of the 8". I've got the Compaticard
manual, set up the board as the secondary, tertiary, and quartiary(?)
controller, tried EVERY combination of drive #'s (0-15), twisted and
straight cables, different cable combo's, different DS's on the drives, and
it STILL won't do anything but try to access the B: drive (when it accesses
anything at all) when I use Uniform to access the F:(CP/M) drive. I even
tried ASSIGNing the B: drive.

So close but yet so far....

Bob Stek
Saver of Lost SOLs
Received on Mon Dec 13 1999 - 18:36:25 GMT

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