Hewlett Packard 3265 question

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Tue Dec 14 12:29:22 1999

>newer computer ... I have a HP Pavilion with win 95 and a "suspend" feature
>... the computer is very sensitive to mouse movement, which "wakes the

They may not be old, but they "act" old. ;)

Welcome to that special part of hell known as HP Pavillion ownership. (I
have a "new" 6360 that in 3 months of working on it hasn't booted to
windows for more than 30 minutes without a gpf.) CompUSA told me not to
bother bringing it back, they had done all they could, but if I did get it
fixed to tell them as they were still curious.

Try a different mouse, maybe you have a mouse that likes to talk(noisey).
See if it does the same thing with the mouse unplugged.

It isn't very helpfull unless you really dig into the message base for a
couple hours, but then there are a few nice tidbits of information. Its the
HP pavillion users forum for your specific model on the HP web site.

The HP hardware newsgroup also answers some questions some times.

I don't know the names off hand, but I have heard of programs that monitor
the computer and report all the "tasks" that are running, which should ID
whatever is making your system busy.
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