IBM 4216-020 printers?

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 20:10:01 1999

Anybody know anything about these? I just picked up six of them for
$25 , with two fuser units and no toner carts, and a "4216 Personal
Pageprinter Technical Reference". Five of the printers have a strange
15-pin D-sub connector that resembles an AUI or PC joystick port, with
a set of DIP switches beside it. The sixth has normal serial/parallel
interface connectors. None of these printers have ever been used; some
are still in the original plastic "bag" wrappings. They date from around

My question is - whats the strange 15-pin interface, and do I have any
chance of hooking it to a PC or similar machine ? I got these so cheap
because the guy who had them was going to toss them, and I hate to see
stuff get tossed. Hopefully they'll turn into something useful.



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