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Tony, quoting I can't remember whom:

>> I once had a Mistubishi monitor which used a 'B'-shell with three coax
>> connectors in it along with eight or nine signals on what looked to be
>> otherwise standard pins. Just yesterday I discarded a badly damaged
> There's the 13W3 used on Sun workstations -- 3 coax pins and 10 normal
> pins IIRC. B size shell, I think.

It is indeed a B shell. The pins are numbered 1 to 5 (row at long edge of D), 6
to 10 (row at short edge), A1 A2 and A3 (coaxen), the ordinary pins being
between A1 and A2. Goodness knows why it's sitting on my desk - I don't have a
monitor to fit it (it's an adapter for Sun monitors into VGA cards that came
with our sparcbook at work FWIW)

Also for what it's worth, the Sun connector I have here is a D socket wit coax
plugs embedded in it.

ISTR IBM used an A-size shell with just the 3 coaxen on some of their monitors
(6019 springs to mind).

Dick Erlacher, earlier in the discussion:

> The way I learned it was that the 'D' refers to the shape, the 'B' to the
> shell size, and the number to the maximal pin count. The spacing is not
> .050" however. It seems to me that it's larger than 0.10" andnot less,
> except in the high-density versions like the DE15.

How nice. Two apparently inconsistent answers, both of which are correct!

The spacing between pins along a row is I think 0.1 inches. The spacing between
rows I think is also 0.1 inches. So from a pin in one row to a pin in the other
is around .112 inches, the "larger" spacing that Dick notes.

However, if you move along the length of a D plug, every 0.05 inches there is a
pin, and they line up nicely with 0.05 inch pitch ribbon cable (making the
ribbon cable versions (marginally) easier to make than those for a 0.1" square
matrix connector). And this is what I think our earlier correspondent meant by
0.05 inch spacing.


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