Likely museum piece

From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 10:01:21 1999

Mike Ford wrote:

> I mentioned it once before, but there is a surplus guy down here in Socal
> with a 42 inch platter out of a Bryant hard drive hanging on his wall. I
> suspect not that high of an offer from a formal institution would pry it
> loose. Isn't this something that belongs in a museum?

Bryant disk? Wasn't that the water cooled thing with the platters mounted
in the vertical plane (that is, 90 degrees to what we're generally used to)?
Last time I saw one of those it was being used as a sort of swap drive
hanging off a customer built channel controller on a CDC6600 at LBL,
must have been 1976. It was a relic even then.

Seems like the platter belongs almost anywhere else other than on the
wall of some surplus shop...

Chris Kennedy
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