Good Day

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 19:10:35 1999

Well today was great I got the following all free just to haul it away !!!!

1. Commodore SX-64 portable not tested yet.
2. 14 cartridges for Vic20, C64.
3. 6 Softsmith cassette games for Vic20/C64
4. OSBORNE portable with mfg date of 7-17-82 have not fired it up yet.
5. Commodore C2N cassette player
6. 1541 drives
7. Tons of C64 software on diskettes, a large box full have not looked at it all
8. Another box of PC software, all types none 10 years old yet
9. A MPS-803 printer in the box like new.
10. Some Mac Plus stuff, KB and fan unit that goes on top.
11. Seiko UC-2200 handheld with Application Rom Pack UX012, built in printer,
missing AC adapter for it. On back unit it also says Controller model UM01-020 ?
12. A couple more boxes full of stuff not 10 years old, all in all a pretty good haul for free.

This same guy told me about another shop owner that is cleaning out all of the computer
items in his shop and will give it away if someone hauls it all with NO picking. I hope to go
over there Monday afternoon and pickup everything that he has. I was told he has some
computers built in the 70's in a back room that he will toss out also. Will list the items next
week if I'm lucky to get there before the trashman.
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