Commodore computer equipment in pristine condition

From: Jeff Salzman <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 07:36:38 1999

> Well, if you DO have more commodore items, why dont you offer them to members of the group FIRST, before selling on epay??

You're more than welcome to make an offer on an item...........

I can cancel any auction that has not been bid on. I cannot cancel the C64
auction since a bid has already been posted.

> oh, i get it...more money that way.

No. Stuff doesn't go for that much anymore on ebay. But I am guaranteed a yes
or no sale in as little as three days on ebay at an amount I feel helps me be
able to afford unique items for my collection. I'm just getting rid of
extras right now to make room for items I don't have. I've sold stuff before on
other forums and kept getting the 'I'll let you know in a day or two' response
which drags out for over a week.

Jeff Salzman
Received on Fri Dec 17 1999 - 07:36:38 GMT

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