More eBay rambling

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 09:46:07 1999

> >Only joking, but this hobby was a lot more fun when you could pick up old
> >manuals, prints, etc for just the cost of shipping...

> The parts manual is 1184B, see my listing for details

> Personally I like the present situation where you can hunt and hunt and
> hunt, find an old bit of treasure, make a photocopy for yourself and sell
> the original for $300 so you can go out and buy more toys. I LOVE letting
> collectors pay for my hobby. I will be plenty happy if it sells for even
> $20, but that is up to the eBay crowd now.

I'm still wondering who this arpanet guy is ... he's poping
up a lot, even on way way senseless stuff.

> BTW the advice given freely on this list is beyond price, $10 would be an
> insult, $500 is more like what some of its worth. Hmmmm. Now how will I
> word that eBay ad, vintage computer advice, one question answered per each
> high bid of a dutch auction perhaps? Dare me not to do it. ;)

Well, go ahead ... and then pay your dues.... you know the mythical
man hour ? Some of us have real price tags :)


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