Help identify a Control Data piece

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Date: Fri Dec 17 12:06:18 1999

Any way you can send me a picture? Years ago, I worked in a tape
that used a Control Data tape cleaner. The tape would pass over a the
edge of a
glass "knife", over a drum with a gauze like strip on it, and a head
that checked the tape for "drops". At EOT, it would reverse itself,
the previously used "knife" would drop, and another, on the other side
of the machine would be raised to contact the tape. You had to change
these "knives" after cleaning so many K feet of tape. What a boring
job tape cleaning was....


Paul Braun wrote:
> A friend of mine who deals in surplus stuff got a piece in that I'm
> not familiar with. It resembles a RTR tape drive, but it doesn't have
> any heads AFAICT. Has the CD logo on it and some wording
> about changing knives.... This leads me to believe it's either
> something to do with paper tape or a mylar tape slitter.
> Any ideas?
> Paul Braun
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