PDP-8/L and TTY stuff (was Re: TTY and current loop questions)

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Fri Dec 17 13:02:59 1999

Of course Western Numerical control sells replacement pads for $3-$4 and
they work as designed so why would you even want to try a kludge?
(www.westncinc.com IIRC)

At 08:17 AM 12/17/99 -0500, Tim wrote wrote:
> >One thing that I did mention and I'll mention again is that my hammer face
> >is not original - I stuck on a rubber sticky foot and I suspect that it is
> >part of the problem. I read here recently that someone has had luck with
> >carved pink pearl erasers, but I haven't tried that.
>I think that was me. The erasers aren't nearly as durable as the
>original heavy rubber (after all, erasers *are* designed to wear away!)
>hammer face, but they are easily carved.
>I never saw any troubles in my ASR33 related to grunge wearing off the
>carved eraser, but then again I only ran it for a few hundred hours :-).
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