H9278-A is this Q/CD or Q/Q

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Fri Dec 17 20:04:46 1999

I'm trying to bring a Vaxstation 3200 back to life. It had been depopulated
but I've got all the boards. It is in a BA23 chassis. Now my previous
experience with uVAXen in BA23's was that the first 3 slots were Q/CD and
the rest were Q/Q with a serpentine bus. However trying to set up the
boards this way yielded some very strange results. Not the least of which
was no response by the disk controller.

The other oddity was the dual hard drive control switches on the panel. The
chassis is marked:
Which the module database lists as:
        650QV-A2,CLR,MS650-AA,VCB02,DELQA-M,CK-DELQA-YP,2 M9047,BC18Z-25,120V

If I read this correctly, then the stock configuration on this box was:
1 KA660 ----------------
2 clear
3 MS650-AA -------------
4 VCB02
5 VCB02 (4 plane)
6 VCB02 (4 plane)
7 DELQA M09047
8 M9047 ???

The backplane is marked Micro-11 and H9278-A which is described as:

Which sounds a whole lot like Q/CD all the way down to me. Anyone know for
sure? I'll be trying it out shortly so I may figure it out empirically. :-)

I guess the real question is "Quad slot" code for "Q/CD" slot?

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