Need info on a Toshiba 3100e/40

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Date: Sat Dec 18 22:44:31 1999

I dont know if you're talking about the T3100 (gas plasma screen, etc) but
the model number you mentioned sounds kind of similar so I'll spout off
the information just in case :)

The T3100 is a 80286 (at 8mhz, software switchable to 4) with a gas plasma
screen, so no batteries here :) Mine had 640k of RAM and i'm not sure if
it was expandable, so perhaps we're talking about different machines. It
did indeed have a 720k floppy drive, so you'll have to either transfer
any software you want to run to 720k disks or ruin some 1.44 disks :) It
will run pretty much any version of DOS out there up to 6.22. Mine had
a 20 megabyte hard disk that I suspect was MFM, but the connector is
a proprietary compressed connector with 20 pins or so (can't quite
remember exactly).

Hope this helps (if you've actually got a T3100) :)

-Sean Caron (
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