NRI computer

From: Dave Dameron <>
Date: Sat Dec 18 22:59:15 1999

Hi Jim, Donna and all,
At 05:38 PM 12/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Can anyone help this lady with some information on this device?

>>I found this old computer in a thrift store and was wondering if
>>you have any info re: "National Radio Institute Model 832 Digital
>>Computer". It measures 22 1/4" wide and 15"deep and appears to
>>look about circa 1970s. It has no ports at all any an electrical
>>plug. There are 128 switches under a broad category marked
>>"Computer Memory", all numbered switches 1-9, and A-F.. The
>>switches work and the lights work. There is even an Accumulator
>>category, a 7 switch "Register" set, Display/Speed/Clock switches
>>and more. Can you give any information as to what this is.
>>Donna Fuller
It was a Transistor transistor logic (about 52 ic's) training computer,
designed about 1971 and used in their course in computer electronics. The
switches were used as the "read only/program" memory, 16 bytes.
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