DECNA / Transciever question

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Dec 19 01:05:51 1999

Not a good day, was working on my PDP-11/73 this morning, FTPing some files
to it, and then I shut it down for a few hours while I worked on other
stuff. Came back finally, turned it on and the EQ.SYS wouldn't load. More
investigation shows I'd apparently smoked a Transceiver, and blown the fuse
on DECNA Cab Kit.

So did the Transceiver take out the fuse? I assume so, the three LED's are
lit on the DECNA, but what little doc's I've found on the card doesn't tell
me if that is good or bad. The transceiver definitly has a smokey smell to

Now why on earth would a transciever blow? Also does anyone know what the
LED's on the DECNA mean? BTW, it was a 10Base2 Transciever, the last
10Base2 system on my home network.


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