Toshiba 3100e -- Thanks

From: Paul Braun <>
Date: Sun Dec 19 11:00:40 1999

Thanks for the answers--- yep, that's what I've got. I love those old
orange plasma screens. Nice and crisp, even when older. I'll try to
set up some 720k Dos disks and see what's up. Mine are hard-
drive-less, either because they came that way or they drives were
just yanked and thrown out when they were retired.

My first exposure to a plasma screen was back in '79 when I was
visiting the University of Illinois to see if I wanted to go there, and
they had the Plato terminals all over campus. IIRC, the displays on
the Plato's also doubled as a rear-projection screen for slides and
were touch-sensitive. Pretty cool for '78-79......

I'm also getting an old Zenith portable from the same era. Don't
know if it works yet -- needs 12vdc but the polarity isn't listed, so
I'm a little hesitant to just shoot it some juice. I don't know if they
were smart enough to put diodes on the input to block reverse dc
or not....

The Zenith has two 3.5" floppies that pop up from the area just
above the keyboard, kinda like an IBM. When I get the case open
and determine polarity, I'll see if it works.

Paul Braun
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