11/44 Expansion chassis

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sun Dec 19 13:07:14 1999

  I'm thinking that it would be Fun to have another Unibus chassis
on my 11/44 system, the better to hang some more peripherals from.
The current machine is stuffed like an Xmas turkey, and I would
rather not run the old power supplies our near their design limits
all the time.

  I have several old 11/34a boxen lying under my (inacessable)
workbench. I got to wondering what would be involved in using one of
them for the Purpose. I somewhere dimly recall that the interface
cable for RK05 devices is in fact a Unibus jumper cable, but that
could be an optimistic imagination. I've got a couple of those idle.

  Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about adding another
chassis to an 11/44 system?

   [ Easy? Can o' Worms? Don't even *think* about it? ]

  FWIW, I *do* have several (4) 11/44 boxes, but I'd like to save
them for spares in case the main box woofs it's cookies. The 11/34a
stuff is much better, if its feasible.


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