uVAX serial "dongle"

From: Dann Lunsford <dann_at_greycat.com>
Date: Mon Dec 20 09:10:29 1999

I was looking through my junque box for a cable and found a little
device I have no use for, but thought someone here might. It came,
if memory serves, from a uVAX 2000. Has a 15-pin D-shell and 9-pin
D-shell on one end, both female, and three female MMJ connectors on
the other. There's a label that looks like:
 P/N 70-23766
 VAR 01-A1
 TN EE917

I remember plugging these into the uVAX to get three terminal ports.

Anyway, if anyone wants it, ask. Shipping only, Thing is about 3.5 in.
square by 1 in. thick, real light, so it won't be that much. Or if
you're in the Sacramento, CA, USA area, you can drop by and pick it

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