Watch out! was: Re: Very Wierd someone is masquarading as the mail list?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Dec 20 16:00:26 1999

>Note the msg subject was not what Zane reported.
>Okay Bruce and others, it seems somebody may have been either lurking on the
>list and harvesting email addresses or broken into's server
>and spoofed their server into the classiccmp list.
>The same problem has been happening with another list I'm a member of. A
>leadoff message in a thread discussing it is copied below and can fill you in
>some info already known of this:

I think the problem is that someone has an infected PC and whenever they
read a message from one of us, we promptly get that reply.

What can I say? Eudora, Mac's, Linux, or other non-Windows OS's are your
friends :^) Guess we should be glad there aren't a *lot* of people running
MS Outlook on this list!

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