Watch out! was: Re: Very Wierd someone is masquarading as the mail list?

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Date: Mon Dec 20 16:54:50 1999

If it's of any use in helping to trace it, I've seen no sign of these messages or
attachments here,
and I've been following the two threads mentioned..


Hans Franke wrote:

> > >Note the msg subject was not what Zane reported.
> > >Okay Bruce and others, it seems somebody may have been either lurking on the
> > >list and harvesting email addresses or broken into's server
> > >and spoofed their server into the classiccmp list.
> > >The same problem has been happening with another list I'm a member of. A
> > >leadoff message in a thread discussing it is copied below and can fill you in
> > >some info already known of this:
> > I think the problem is that someone has an infected PC and whenever they
> > read a message from one of us, we promptly get that reply.
> > What can I say? Eudora, Mac's, Linux, or other non-Windows OS's are your
> > friends :^) Guess we should be glad there aren't a *lot* of people running
> > MS Outlook on this list!
> Well, I'm not a WinFanatic, and I will wash my mouth afterwards, but
> that's not a windows problem - I'm running NT 3.51 (I have to) and I
> have no problem to avoide unusefull programms.
> Gruss
> H.
> BTW: isn't there an Outlook version for the Mac :))
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> H.Achternbusch
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