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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Tue Dec 21 00:24:37 1999

At 20:11 20-12-1999 -0800, you wrote:

>This from our Teledisc contact person? (not like "I" know of course)

        I never claimed to be an expert in older disk formats. I still have a lot
to learn.

>Did anyone ever find out if the Central Point Deluxe Option board works
>with Teledisc software? (you know that software thing many of us grouped to
>buy a share of the 25 user licenses).

        Teledisk would not help me in this case. I need to be able to read the
floppies' file structure, and extract the files that are on it for
translation to a more common format, not make an image of the floppies
involved for archiving.

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