Floppy drives for uVAX II; TRW Swap

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_netcom.com>
Date: Tue Dec 21 01:14:24 1999

  Greetingz classiccmpistas.. I am in the market for a floppy drive
for the MicroVax II... the machine I wish to add to has a TK50 and
an RD54 (I think) and a Cipher 880 looking like a TS11.

  Even if there are aftermarket units existing, I would still like to
get a DEC unit. I saw one on a nice uVax at one of the recent TRW
swaps here in SoCal, but its custodian wanted $300 for the chassis
and was rather offended when I suggested that he had got the decimal
point shifted one decade to the right.. ;o

  Is anything other than the physical drive needed? Cards? Cables?
Drivers? VouDou/Santeria rites?.. (and if so, a good source for live
chickens in the LA area...?)

   AND>>>> The last, very last TRW Swap Meet of the 1900's will be
held on Saturday, the 25th December, 1999, from 7:30am -> 11:00am PST.

  PLEASE NOTE: that the venue has shifted slightly, and not just
due to PacRim plate tectonics. The previous lot has been sold, and
the New Venue instructions follow....

  From the 405 (San Diego) freeway, take the Rosecrans exit west.
Travel west on Rosecrans approximately one mile to Aviation. Turn
left (south) on Aviation [under the curved Metrolink train bridge]
and proceed south on Aviation. Continue south another mile until you
pass the intersection of Marine Avenue. Continue south past Marine,
and the Swap Meet will be on your left.

  It is now in the SouthEast quadrant of the intersection of
Aviation and Marine. PREVIOUSLY it was in the NorthWest quadrant. I
have spaces G22 and G24. If you are in the nieghborhood, drop by
and check it out. This coming Saturday most likely will not be the
most populous, but then again... the hardcore swappers will be
there, and Bah: Humbug!! to those with 'other' priorities.

   Cheers and Best of the Season

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