Floppy drives for uVAX II

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Date: Tue Dec 21 12:19:00 1999

>Doesn't the RX33 require a higher rev. of the RQDX3 than is normally
>available? ISTR, that I've got a whole pile of RQDX3's, but only one of
>which is capable of driving a RX33.

It depends on what value of "normal" you have :-). Only the very oldest
RQDX3's won't drive a RX33, but for some reason these tend to be very
common in collections of scrounged RQDX3's!

>OTOH, Tim's comment about the 3rd Party controller I suspect just did me a
>big favor with the MV3 that I'm currently working on.

Hmm - I think that instead of attributing that to my profound insight, it
should instead get chalked up to dumb luck, because I don't have the slightest
idea what favor I just did for you :-)

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