Where to get an IBM-based Apple Card

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Tue Dec 21 21:15:35 1999

On or about 06:56 PM 12/21/99 +0000, Tony Duell was caught in a dark alley
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>There were also Apple ][ emulator
>cards for the PC (basically a complete Apple ][ on an ISA card) that did
>the same sort of thing. No idea where you'd find these (for sale --
>people on this list have them but are hanging on to them) these days.

Try here:

www.ahhz.com and click on their computers link... but be warned -- when
they used to sell them for $20, now they want $79USD, IIRC. BTW, this
particular card is called a "Diamond Trackstar E" and works like an Apple //e.

Also, IIRC they do sell a lot of stuff (or at least they used to) on
www.haggle.com - kinda like an Ebay without the crowd, or as much stuff.
Sometimes you can get pretty good deals there, because it's a lot more off
the beaten path.

Hope this helps,
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