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From: John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Tue Dec 21 22:40:42 1999

Okay... I am still in extreme pain (a nail went into my head at this site,
not to mention other damage from being squashed by some stuff) but here goes
an attempt to list what's on the first truck (I still have at least 3 more
shipments to do):

PDP-1 software, 40 trays, all the DECUS stuff too, I expect a new or near
completed PDP-1 as we get through the building
Classic-8 rack mounted, looks new. -Already spoken for ... I promised this
to a friend a few years ago.. I will get more of them.. I hope.
PDP-11/20 (new)
PDP11/15 (new)
PDP8/L (2), 1 new and one with 12K core [mem expansion]
PDT-11/130 new in box
PDP-11/35 one new, 3 others in racks
PDP-11/05 (3) , and 2 "Industrial 11s - blue panel"
(9+) ME-11 core memory expanders - all 24K
PDP 11/03s
RX01s/RX02s (many, many new)
1200 R/W series flip chips boards
PDP-8/S parts (was damaged in flood in 1969)
(4+) TU56s, some new
TU56 prototype
spare new unibus boards (700+)
spare new CPU boards (a few hundred)
expanders filled with >????? (10+)
new backplanes/font panels for PDP-8Ls,PDP-11s,LSIs, peripherals.. etc..
lp25 band printer (cool!)
various stands and racks used in pictures in DEC photos
PC05s, etc...
RK05 track writer and exerciser (cool)
I know there is a lot more but I can't think of it right now....

Manuals (extensive... far beyond what I imagined):
Microfiche for every device, peripheral, board made by digital from 1965 to
1978 (mostly PDP-8,PDP11,LSI but I did find a box full labeled PDP-10)
15 boxes of PDP-8 manuals for everything you could think of including the
338 display
too many boxes to count of PDP11 CPU/Peripheral manuals
Every DEC handbook ever made
Internal DEC manuals "DEC Tips" and training material for the
DEC module bible -1984 :-))))))) , in print and disk, and tape.. sweet..
every module in order with description and unit installed in...

234 trays of PDP-11 paper tape software
40 trays of PDP-8 paper tape software
a few hundred mag tapes
96 dectapes (both 8/11)
hundreds of floppy disks
[I have told that I will have every version of every piece of software both
in beta and released in every format PT,dectape,magtape,rx01,rx02.. I still
have a huge room to clean out filled with RSTS,RSX,and RT11, OS/8]
65 RK05 packs, both PDP8,and 11, LSI

dual KM11 extenders
serial handheld tools ??
portable microfiche readers
calipers and gauges
too many things to list....

Upgrade kits and spares
Many TU56 parts (new wheels, etc)
Printer parts from hell.
disk/tape cleaning kits, new heads,filters, etc...

Coolest stuff (stuff I will keep):
new TU56s
LP25 :-)
microfiche (even PDP-8 schematics, schematics for every module made in order
from A-series to Z) :-)

Stuff I saw but have to pull out next trip:
300 more boxes of manuals
200+ boxes of software
PDP-11/34s (all old style)
PDP-11/03s (all with RX02s)
Decwriter everything.....
VT100s 20+

there is the "unknown" building where everything PDP-11/20 and before
went... I will try and clean a path to it next.. I looked through a window
[visibility is 3 feet] and saw a bunch of R-series backplanes, 11/20s,
11/15s, and what looks to be more PDP-8Ls. (again.. stacked 10 feet high)

How I got the nail in my head? I spoke to an old DEC at the warehouse.. He
told me they stacked old pre PDP-8 stuff (light) in the rafters... I climbed
up and saw out of the corner of my eye a box labeled "R107"... thinking
about my PDP-8/S I dove for it... only to have a nail take a chunk out of
me... while recovering on very *weak* beams I dropped down a 1100 flip chips
and the PDP-1 software. There is still alot left up there but I was in a lot
of pain and the trucks were full.

19 hours to load (two days), 12 hours to unload... A lot of this stuff will
be for sale/trade. An inventory is almost impossible as I expect a few
thousand UNIBUS boards, a few thousand flip chips, at least 300 core memory
boards, now, at least 75 minis, manuals, paper tape when done. I don't know
what I am going to do yet. [I did not expect this].. Maybe a super
Keyways???. I did rent the largest apartment I could find and filled it. I
also have two storage units filled and my lab. AT&T gave me the bottom floor
of one of their buildings to use but.... [you'll never guess].. it's filled
with MicroVAX's and PDPs from a company they bought out a little while
ago... I get that stuff next month.

Funniest part: I loaded the trucks sooo heavy that every time I turned the
corner the back bottomed out and ground down the tires. The border did not
stop the trucks... let me through without taxes.

I will try and put up picture in the next day or so on my site... I am
really sick right now and am trying to recover for XMAS.

OHH, by the way.. I got a call today and have a warehouse to go to that has
a ton of HP-2 stuff, software, manuals, boards, and wang tube stuff,

Sad part is I doubt I will be able to find any more *cool* stuff after
march.. Most of this was scheduled to go to the dump in March and most
companies are pitching anything non-Y2K complaint over the next 3 months.


PDP-8 and other rare mini computers

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