One TTY problem down, one to go

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Dec 22 14:06:25 1999

--- Tony Duell <> wrote:
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> The platten, at least on friction-feed models, is a plastic moulding and
> it's very unlikely to bent (I have had one break off at the end :-().

My concern is that something heavy may have been left on this thing for
multiple months/years and bent the plastic over time. I don't know this
for certain, but when I got home, the cover was broken (crack in the
clear acrylic panel at a corner, small bits broken off the opaque cover
adjacent). I'll disengage the heavy spring from the front ratchet and see
how freely this platten turns. For my tests last night, I was turning the
platten manually with a light grip on the feed knob and, depending on the
angular position of the platten, sometimes the platten would turn, other
times, my hand would slip on the knob. With the plattens exchanged, the
better unit turns easily and freely about the whole revolution and didn't
miss a single line feed in several feet of tests.

> Most likely there's uneven waer or stickyness on the ratchet teeth on the
> platten. This is a common problem and causes the feed pawl to stick.

It is not stickiness on the ratchet teeth. I remove the platten and cleaned
each tooth with a cloth and blunt stick. It could be uneven wear.
> > I did discover that you need to remove the print mechanism
> > from the base to get access to a spring...
> Actually, you can take the linkage apart above the chassis and leave the
> spring connected underneath. It's a bit of a fiddle to get it back, though.

I saw that the linkage could be disassembled, but at least this way, I didn't
have to readjust the tolerances. Fortunately, I think this is a one-time job.
> Take off the ribbon. Optionally (but I always do it because it makes life
> easier) take off the ribbon feed mechanism by loosening the 2 screws under
> the front edge and lifting it up and out.

Got that already.
> Unhook the carriage return spring...

Easy enough.

> (This bit is not in the manuals AFAIK, but it's essential). Pull out the
> rubber insert from the damper piston on the left side of the carriage.

An important tip. Many thanks.


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