Please help me clean out!

From: Jeffrey L Kaneko <>
Date: Wed Dec 22 15:27:24 1999

On Sun, 19 Dec 1999 16:19:42 -0800 Bruce Lane
<> writes:
> Three DSD-880's with multiple manuals and diagnostic disks.
> Also included is a DEC-produced VHS training video on how to service
the beasties,
> and at least one each of UniBus and Q-bus controllers for them (I say
> least because I'm not sure how many of each I have). I will also
> rack slides for the lot.

Do you think you could make a copy of the manual for the DSD-880 for me?
I'll pick up postage, plus a little extra for your time . . . .

You sure make me wish to hell I lived in the pacific northwest. I really
would have *loved* to grab some of the stuff off of the 'LIST'.



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