DEC/Compaq Collection arrives!

From: Dag Spicer <>
Date: Wed Dec 22 15:32:56 1999

Hi Everyone!

Just an update on the great DEC/Compaq collection that arrived last week
from New Hamsphire. Over 90,000 lbs of historical DEC hardware arrived
thanks to a generous grant to cover shipping from Compaq. Mike Zahares of
TransTech, our North American Van Lines agent, did his usual brilliant job
of making sure everything was handled with kid gloves over the 3,000 mile

Thanks to the many volunteers who helped in the receiving of these rare
artifacts, they now have a permanent home (the artifacts, not the
volunteers! Although some volunteers _do_ seem to live here!) :_)

Special thanks, therefore, to: Lee Courtney, Bill Pitts, Bobbi and Steve
Rabinowitz, Charlie Pefferkorn, Jake Feinler, Mark Schaeffer, Ron Mak, Rob
Shaw, Ken Sumrall, Al Kossow, Grant Saviers, Joe Frederik, John C. Green,
Sam Ismail, Mike Baxter, Eli Goldberg, Ed Thelen, John Francis, Wayne Chin,
Bob Joslin, Thomas J. Ackermann, Mike Zahares, Len Shustek, Mason Brown,
Bud Warashina, and LaFarr Stuart. Forgive me if I have forgotten anyone!

And History Center staffers Karen Mathews, Wendy-Ann Francis, Jack
Hotchkiss, and Chris Garcia all pitched in and made sure the project went
off without a hitch.

Without all the hundreds of hours of help from these volunteers, who
believe so firmly in the preservation of computer history, we could not
have done this!

Pictures of the arrival are available at:

Note: photos of actual machines will be posted at this same URL on or about
January 13th so check back then--we are creating a new exhibit on the DEC
contributions to computing that opens to the public on that day!

Thanks everyone for your support! Hope to see you at the Center or on-line



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