MicroVAX 3 Question

From: healyzh_at_aracnet.com <(healyzh_at_aracnet.com)>
Date: Wed Dec 22 20:21:44 1999

> Zane wrote:
> >OK, question of the day, how many RAM boards can a MicroVAX handle? It's
> >living in a Sigma Rackmount chassis.
> How many Q/CD slots do you have? One of my KA655's came with a 5 socket
> memory top cable. I believe that it maxes out at 64MB though so a couple of
> 32MB cards were all it would recognize. The uVAX II (KA630) maxes out at 16MB.

I think it's got 3 (4 if you count the slot with the processor, do you count
that?). The downside is I think all my memory cables are for KA630's. I
know the one on the KA650 can only handle two memory boards. With 3 8MB
boards, I'd like to use them all. Of course a pair of 32MB boards would be
even better :^)

The big problem is I want to run OpenVMS 7.2, DECnet, TCPIP on it (NOT
CMUIP though), and have it as part of my Cluster. I suspect 16MB really
isn't enough for running DECnet and TCPIP 5.0, though I've heard of people
running TCP/IP on 16MB machines. Hmmm, if one of the other machines in the
cluster is running TCP/IP, can the disks on the MV3 be accessed via that
machine? Guess I'd better look into that, if that will work, I don't need
TCPIP on this system.

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