MicroVAX 3 Question

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Thu Dec 23 02:39:31 1999

Enrico Badella wrote:
>My 3100/M38 runs OpenVMS 7.2, UCX, DECNET and Motif in 12MB, not fast but
>than my Wintel with NT; I know that the 3100 is a bit better than a KA630.

It's also 3.8 VUPs vs. the 2.8 VUPs of the KA650, but I'm not going to be
running DECwindows/Motif. If you can get *any* kind of performance while
running all that (I'd forgotten you were running the DW/Motif) I guess I
don't need to worry about a 16MB machine. Basically all the system is
going to be doing is activing as a Archive and will only be accessed by
machines on my home network. I've not been worried about processing power,
just that I'll have enough RAM to get acceptable preformance under V7.2.

>On my uVax II I'm running VMS 4.7, DECNET and CMUIP in 9 MB RAM. I've >always

Same config can handle VMS 5.5-2. I was tempted to go with 5.5-2, and one
of the 3rd Party TCP/IP stacks on the Hobbyist program, but would prefer to
keep my Cluster in a "Supported" configuration. You can cluster in 5.5-2,
but only clusters of V6.2 - 7.2-1 are supported. What can I say, I admit
it, I like being able to run "MONITOR CLUSTER" :^)

>been impressed about how VMS handles loading with small RAM especially
>when you compare it m$ not technology.

Well.... a LOT of that is because you're running on VAX hardware. I've
found that I don't get decent performance on my Alpha's when running with
the minimum of 64MB, really need 96MB or more RAM in a Alpha to get good
performance under OpenVMS. I've heard from a friend that attempted it that
V7.2 won't install without a minimum of 64MB in the system.

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