IBM 360 and 370 control panels available

From: John Dykstra <>
Date: Fri Dec 24 13:11:28 1999

On Thursday, December 23, 1999 2:56 PM, John B []
> "NOTE--These panels are from machines that have already been scrapped,
> more than two decades ago. I too would have liked to see these machines
> running condition, but given their size, power and air conditioning
> requirements, etc., I doubt that there would have been very many takers."
> Your kidding me, right? I am partnering in with someone on this list to
> restore/sell the next 360 I get and I and my partner have received *very*
> serious offers. Please e-mail if you ever find any 360/1401 parts. I am
> to need them.

Then contact Data Sales at the address I gave in the previous email. They
have two warehouses in Minnesota and one in Arizona filled with salvaged IBM

There are obviously vastly different levels of resources available to those
who make a successful business out of vintage computers. My comment was
aimed at hobbyists, who still make up the heart of this community.

See <> for
Data Sale's photo of some 300 "headers" from 360/370 machines that they have
scrapped. It's clear that plenty of 360 machines have become available over
the years--my guess is that the lack of running personal 360's indicates
that the obstacles are significant for most people.

I hope you are recovering from your injuries. Have a good holiday season.

  -- John

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