IBM 360 and 370 control panels available

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Fri Dec 24 13:53:41 1999

At 01:11 PM 12/24/99 -0600, John wrote:
>There are obviously vastly different levels of resources available to
>those who make a successful business out of vintage computers. My comment
>was aimed at hobbyists, who still make up the heart of this community.
>> for Data Sale's
>photo of some 300 "headers" from 360/370 machines that they have
>scrapped. It's clear that plenty of 360 machines have become available
>over the years--my guess is that the lack of running personal 360's
>indicates that the obstacles are significant for most people.

Well if these guys expect to get $75 for the metal strip from the top of a
front panel I don't think I can afford their actual front panels. I'm
guessing they want between $600 and $1000 for them right?

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