Help with CQD 220A/TM

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Sat Dec 25 09:08:29 1999

>Daniel T. Burrows wrote:

> I have the manual here. I will try to remember to scan the appropriate
> pages this weekend and will forward the URL. Don't be bashful to remind me
> if I forget.
> Is there anything in besides the switch settings you would like?
> Dan

Jerome Fine replies:

Many thanks to everyone who replied. I still get the
"Username and Password Required" demand for:
and for:

But, the following link do provide the switch settings:

I find the whole thing sort of strange, but I do have the information
I require. Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
Received on Sat Dec 25 1999 - 09:08:29 GMT

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