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Date: Sat Dec 25 12:21:33 1999

Tony Duell wrote:

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> This whole millennium mistake is actually very worrying. It shows how
> easily the genneral public will accept false information without
> bothering to check it, even when it's easy to verify. One wonders how
> many other lies are doing the rounds.

You don't have to wonder any more -- there are hundreds of them. Usenet
groups are packed solid with the most outrageous (to an informed and logical
mind) proposals, especially in the fields of health and medicine. I was
recently forwarded an advert for a "cellular phone screen" to be worn over
the listening ear when talking over a cel phone. This item claims to "block
harmful electromagnetic radiation from entering the brain through the ear
canal." Too bad someone hasn't developed a device to block harmful garbage
from entering the brain throught the same orifice ;>)

My own wife (poor dear) is convinced (due to "information" from the 'net)
that aspartame is actually more injurious to one's health than sugar and
causes everything from MS to epilepsy.

To check out a few of the more innocuous rumors and cuckoo-bird ideas go to


Apologies to the group for the OT.

Glen Goodwin
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