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From: John B <>
Date: Sun Dec 26 15:11:57 1999

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Date: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 10:00 AM
Subject: PDP-8/e restoration (was Re: Oscilloscopes)`

>--- John B <> wrote:
>> Ethan Dicks <> wrote:


I still have this pr/s01
>20mA portable papertape reader, but I still know nothing about it,
>baud rate. I haven't yet hauled a 'scope out to the place the -8's are at.
>That's one of the next steps.

Now that I have microfiche/paper schematics,maintenance manuals, etc.. to
every DEC board/device ever made I actually found all the manuals to your
PRS01 paper tape reader.. I fact, I have a strong feeling I will be getting
a few. Please post back the exact model number as that will tell me the baud

They made two models: "A" version which is 20mA 300 baud. and a "B" version
which is 20mA 2400 baud. I can post pinouts for the group if needed once I
get the full model number.

OT: so far I found two more PDP-16s, RSX-11B,C - papertape??, (I thought the
first version was "D"), and about a million other things I won't even try to
list right now. I have also learned the art of stacking DEC handbooks 50

Another thing I did not know was that there are 5 different PDP-8e
maintenance manual sets: Preliminary (3), Processor (3), Internal Options
(3), External Options (3) and Lab-8/e (1).

Finally, found a pile more of PDP-1 software including Spacewars (with both
patches) and OPSYS :-)

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