Blinkenlightes on micros (was: Lamp panels

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Mon Dec 27 01:16:46 1999

On or about 08:27 PM 12/26/99 -0800, Ethan Dicks was caught in a dark alley
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>I've seen those mentioned in the appropriate handbooks. I even have
>an RK-11C that would be much easier to debug (not to mention more fun)
>with a panel of blinkenlights. Presumably, one could be fabricated with
>easier-to-find lamps than the DEC originals (at least, _I_ only have a
>handful of spares).

What would it take to put some blinkenlights (safely) on a micro, say a
CoCo or a C64? Would it just take buffering the data & address lines (if
unbuffered, like on the CoCo) and adding the requisite current-limiting
resistors & LED's?

Also, if you need to buffer the busses on a 1-2Mhz micro, would that add
delay to the busses that one would need to account for?

Just a few random thoughts for a project I don't have time for... ;-)

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